• AFE preparation
  • Drilling, completion, & workover design / procedures
  • Frac design / review
  • Troubleshoot production issues / problems
  • Artificial lift optimization - gas lift, plunger lift, ESP, rod pump
  • Well site / surface equipment / pipeline design
  • Surface facility design / installation
  • Reserve evaluation
  • Engineering consulting
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  • Qualified personnel
  • IADC well control certified
  • Professional daily reports
  • Active job management - ownership of the job
  • Contractor Management
    • Cost control
    • Auditing of daily tickets
    • Performance reports
  • Professional Management and representation of the customer
  • OSHA and API compliant operations
  • Drilling / WO rig inspections
  • Active JSA management
  • Stay ahead of the job - efficient scheduling of services
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Our project managers have decades of experience integrating multiple operations with great efficiency. From the initial planning to implementation at the well site, you can depend on us.

  • Project Implementation
  • Building Cost Estimates
  • Bidding Products and Services (Results Presented to the Operator for Selection
  • Coordinating Multiple Operations
  • Invoice Verification
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  • OSHA & API compliant operations
  • Contractor HSE review
  • Drilling / workover rig inspections
  • Incident investigation
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Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and professional management of their jobs in the field.