We offer professional engineering designs specific to your needs.

Our engineering team has extensive expertise and experience in reservoir, drilling, completions, production, and facilities engineering. We integrate our engineering services with project management, on-site consultants, and HSE to produce an outstanding solution for your project. We have the flexibility to customize specific operations or build efficient engineering solutions for your entire project.

  • AFE Development
  • Drilling Prognosis
  • Casing Design
  • Cement Design
  • Tubing Design
  • Wellhead Design
  • Fracture Stimulation Design
  • Acid Stimulation Design
  • Drill Out Design
  • Downhole Equipment Design
  • Surface Facility Design
  • Pipeline Design
  • Gas Lift Design
  • Pumping Unit Design
  • Plunger Lift Design
  • Remedial Work Design
  • Production Optimization Design


Sample Well Bore

Sample Well Bore Diagram

Burton OU Well Bore

Burton OU Well Bore